post one

Never let the music leave you

I have always loved music. Started off playing drums, then onto piano (keyboards), and now I play a little guitar. If you have been blessed with some musical talent, I'll tell you to nurture it. Practice. It takes years to hone your skills, but will give you endless enjoyment. For me, it didn't work out professionally. However, I did have a great time in the local scene. There was a time where there looked to be a chance to break out. For me, I took the safe route. The starving artist life was not a life for me. Also, Being truly honest with myself, I was never all that good. Creative? I would say so, as long as those around me were able to hone that energy.

On the side you'll see some of my old musical works. Deadindustry was the main band I was in during college and it was nothing but awesome. DJ Burn stuff of course… mostly an experimental outlet. There was also A Dozen Furies that I had the privilege of playing on the studio album. A few keyboard backup tracks on a handful of songs. All stuff that is a blast from my past.

Do your local scene a favor and go see a some local bands.

post two

Breaching a difficult subject: I find myself unemployed for the 2nd time in 12 months.  Putting it in the most professional manner I can muster at the moment: This Sucks.  If you have never been laid off, I say count your blessings.  I was once like you, thinking "Sure, it could happen, but I am educated, skilled, and well qualified.  I'll have no problem finding another job."  Well my friends, I'll tell you now, think again.  The labor pool is very large with lots of great candidates.  Finding that next gig, might not be so easy.

After a short term contract (thank you Honda for the opportunity), I am once again back looking.  I do my best not to sound too cynical or jaded, but I am quite disenchanted with how hiring is done.  Way of the world I suppose.  There is not much I can do about it, but this: I am here to help.  If you find yourself in similar shoes, I feel your pain.  This might help:

Over the past many months, I have become quite good a interviewing (IMHO… of course I am still unemployed, so take it for what it's worth).  I am hearing many of the 'standard' questions for a Project/Program Manager and what to share with you.

  • I have compiled many of the questions in mostly .M4A format for you to download for free (if you have the means, please consider a few bucks, for my time and effort.  Visit my PATREON page.
  • Different people and computer voices reading off the questions to give it a realistic feel. 
  • Download it and put the 'album' on random when you're in the car or at the gym and practice, practice, practice.  I found myself having to get very succinct with my answers.
  •  Appropriate pauses after each question (with announcements).  There is a beep when you have 30 seconds left, and another when you have 10 seconds left.

If it helps, please let me know! 

I'll create more content when time allows.  So check back in to see if I uploaded a new set of questions.

Until next time my friends, good luck in your job search.

~ Wade Johnson
Illegitimi non carborundum